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Our goal: Schneekoppe is the major premium brand in the natural healthy food segment. Schneekoppe offers a variety of premium selected goods under control of highest ORGANIC quality standards. The products are produced with a short as possible clean label. Our nearly 90 years experience is building our brand, today and tomorrow.“

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Schneekoppe was founded in 1927 by Fritz Klein. Soon after, the well-known trademark was registered. Schneekoppe is known for the exceptional compilation of fine mueslis and the long tradition of the "healthy miracles" linseed oils and seeds. The Schneekoppe brand sets not only of healthy and conscious nutrition trends, but sees itself as a pioneer and pursues these paradigms from the beginning. We are proud to have become a healthy food expert, due to the recourse wealth of experience for almost 90 years.

Schneekoppe stands for healthy, natural nutrition. With a lot of passion Schneekoppe selects for generations carefully valuable raw materials, which are being processed to high-quality food. We pursue the goal with our products to contribute to a carefree, healthier and enjoyable life.

Our motivation is the satisfaction of our customers. Our vision, as a health food supplier, is to be available and accessible to all consumers. The success of the Schneekoppe brand confirms our product quality.

We process in our products only selected raw materials, which are being processed in a high quality and gentle manner.

  • To the point where it can be implemented, we prefer regional raw materials
  • Resulting from our firm belief, we are committed to preferably natural products with only a few processing steps.

The compliance of our high quality standards, is ensured by permanent controls, so that only flawless products leave our house.